Tax & Consulting Services

What are one of the top priorities when it comes to taxes? PAYING LESS.

At Dreher Martin CPAs, one of the most important services we provide is comprehensive tax planning. We will make sure to organize, prepare, and minimize your tax liability so you won’t be shocked when tax season arrives. We promise to vigorously work all throughout the year to develop a specialized plan just for you. Whatever unique situation you have, we will accommodate.

All of our certified CPAs and accountants stay up-to-date and very informed on the continuously changing tax laws. They will extensively examine all tax-saving opportunities for you. At Dreher Martin, we want to always minimize your tax liabilities while maximizing your future opportunities. That’s what we are committed to.

We also remain in full compliance with IRS and North Carolina statues. We can provide clients 24/7 online access to their tax documents through our Client Center located on this website.

Individual Taxes

The tax planning process is the heart of Dreher Martin’s engagement with a tax client. Instead of focusing on purely historical information during the preparation process when there is little opportunity to implement tax strategies, we believe that planning comes first. The opportunity to implement changes while the tax year is still open can impart significant tax savings. This also allows us to focus on big picture discussions outside of the busier tax season period.

While we believe planning comes first, the preparation/compliance function is also important in accurately completing your tax return in a timely manner. We continually work to hone our skills and keep abreast of the ever changing tax laws. Our dedicated team build relationships with our clients and the continuity of our team allows us to anticipate the results we are expecting to see on the completed tax return.

Our services include:

  • Tax planning
  • Form 1040 filing
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Business Taxes

The business tax planning process goes hand in hand with the individual planning process. Your business pass-thru tax return, whether it be an S-Corporation or a Partnership, is just a piece of the puzzle in the overall tax planning engagement.

While C-Corporations are less often used in small to medium-sized businesses due to the potential for double taxation they do play a role in the right circumstances.

We are continually monitoring changes in the tax landscape to ensure you are in compliance with the tax law and to seek opportunities for tax savings.

Our services include:

  • Tax consulting for business transactions
  • Form 1065, 1120, 1120S filings
  • Schedule C preparation
  • Schedule E preparation for rental properties
  • Trusts and Estate filings
  • Section 199A Analysis
  • PPP loan forgiveness assistance
  • PPP and EIDL loan consulting
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Non-Profit Taxes

Our non-profit tax services are performed in a manner that considers the impact that the Form 990 can have on your organization. The Form 990 is not just a compliance requirement but a tool that donors use to make decisions about contributing to your organization. It is an opportunity for your organization to highlight its program service accomplishments and let everyone know of the good the organization is doing in the world.

Our services include:

  • Form 990, 990 PF and 990-T filings
  • Form 1023 and 1024 assistance
  • Unrelated business income analysis
  • Board training on Form 990
  • Budget consulting
  • Internal control consulting
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Our one-on-one service, advice, and years of experience will give you peace of mind. Your tax return is in our capable hands.