After 2020, no one gets to claim that they cannot change. Being forced to change is a very revealing process that allows you to see how scrappy you are.

COVID revealed that there are times that there is no debating whether you want to change, and it doesn’t matter if you like it. You have to figure out how you are going to respond. I was impressed by the creativity of some businesses to change their business model to continue to operate.

COVID and the related changes have been painful. Unfortunately, we will continue to deal with change, and it will likely be painful. But it also provides an opportunity to assess decisions that have been made about technology, business strategy, and continuity planning. Do not let this reflection time pass by without documenting the things you had to change and the benefits and the struggles that came with implementation. It is also time to assess if other processes and procedures you did not change could be improved. Going through “what-if” scenarios with your management team, board, or yourself, can help you determine where the risk may still exist in your business. All risk will never be eliminated, but you will have a new awareness and ability to respond.